ACT/SAT testing: can you find a test center with an open seat?

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This recent Chicaog Tribune article discusses the challenges of finding a testing center with open spots to event take the ACT or SAT. Many universities are changing their admission requirements regarding a requirement for the ACT or SAT. What does this all mean for you?

Check the admission requirements for the university you are looking to apply to regularly.

Check SAT/ACT dates in surrounding cities for open spots to take the test. While many institutions may be moving away from this as a requirement, it will not hurt your application to have a test score included. It will also help your admission officer know you have tried to take the exam.

Due your due diligence. If you have PSAT scores, understand those are “markers” for how you would have done on the SAT, but are not “set in stone” as actual test scores are. PSAT scores are still official scores-don’t blow the opportunity off as a “pre” test when these scores can determine things like National Merit Scholars.

Be reasonable. If you are in a position to take an exam, take advantage. If you are not in a position to take the exam, do not lose sleep over it. The sand is shifting frequently in college admissions and what has always counted still rings true: Your best matters. Put your best foot forward, your best academic experience and best social dynamic for your prospective university to see.