3 Steps to Organizing Your College Admission Process (Step 1)

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The college admission process can be daunting. An influx of emails, deadlines, and important details to keep in mind can make it hard to keep everything organized and straight. In this series we will cover three steps to organizing your college admission process. Whether you favor organization or not, having a process in place will assist in setting you up for success. A few steps in this process will go a long way to helping you manage your college admission journey!

Step 1: Maximize your gmail account with the task feature. You are nearing the beginning of adulthood. Having a gmail account that you will utilize for college, friends, internship references, banking, bills, etc. will be critical. Gmail offers amazing features, one of which is TASKS.

Using your Gmail account, get to know the task feature (explained here) so you can take emails you get from universities or scholarship orgs and add tasks to the emails according to deadlines, etc. Have additional work to do on your college application? Save the website and add a deadline for it by adding it as a task. Need to study one more section for the SAT? Add it as a task with all the relevant web links and info.

Pro Tip

Use Gmail Tasks to create tasks directly from an email you receive, allowing you to set a deadline and remember the email content.

  • Add a task and deadline for scholarship deadlines
  • Add a task for rooming/roommate deadlines
  • Create an ongoing task with college needs (dorm room items, school supplies, etc.) for graduation gifts. Once you’ve curated a list with weblinks, you’ll have an answer for “what can I get you for graduation.” *Pro tip: curate your list on Amazon and when an item is purchased (on Amazon or elsewhere) the item drops off the list so duplicate purchases aren’t made.
  • Add tasks associated with test scores, grades, etc.
  • Add an ongoing task (or note within Gmail) which lists your login and passwords for all your admission accounts, testing accounts, etc.