kc360 guidance counseling package

Welcome to the kc360 guidance counseling package!

We’ve all heard about the challenges schools face with ever-changing staff and overwhelming student workloads.

In an effort to assist schools, guidance counselors, or schools transitioning from one staff member to another, consider moving from “how will we do this?” to “I think we will be able to do this!”

I’m here to give you the exact, step-by-step support you deserve to serve your students with the time you have.

The KC360 Guidance Counseling Package is a valuable resource for schools and their guidance counseling offices. By providing collegiate webinars and resources on-demand, we offer a solution to supplement the efforts of part-time counselors or fill the gap in case of a vacancy. Even for schools with full-time counselors, these resources can alleviate the burden of fitting everything into their schedule, providing additional support and resources to enhance the current counseling program. Most resources are focused on North American Universities and consideration for content can be added for other regions.

Truth Time: College guidance counseling is often surrounded by misconceptions.

Let’s bust some myths:

Myth 1: Counselors Only Help with College Applications
Reality: College guidance counselors provide a wide range of services beyond just assisting with college applications. They help students with academic planning, career exploration, personal and social development, standardized test preparation, and many times, managing expectations. Counselors work to ensure students are well-prepared for life after high school, whether that includes attending college, entering the workforce, or pursuing vocational training.

Myth 2: Counselors Have All the Answers
Reality: While college guidance counselors are knowledgeable and experienced, they don’t have all the answers. They provide valuable resources, advice, and support, but the college admissions process is complex and constantly evolving. Students and parents need additional information to help their education through the college search and admission process.

Myth 3: Only Struggling Students Need Counselors

Reality: College guidance counselors are beneficial for all students, not just those who are struggling academically or personally. High-achieving students can also gain from their expertise in finding the right college fit, applying for scholarships, and exploring advanced academic opportunities. Counselors help all students navigate the transition from high school to the next phase of their lives, ensuring they make informed and strategic choices.

If you are ready to:

  • Set up your college guidance office up for success to withstand staff changes.
  • Guide juniors through their search process well.
  • Provide a strategy for seniors during application season.

The kc360 guidance counseling package is for you and your students!

If you are tired of:

  • Re-training staff to assist students with the college search and admission process.
  • Saying the same thing to parents each year.
  • Researching materials students can use to learn more about the admission process.
  • Being overwhelmed with all the resources and material students need to know and learn during the college search admission process.

I’ve got the system you need!

  • A self-paced course with local guidance counselor (or staff) oversight.
  • The College Project – a guided course helping students think through choosing a major and universities, resulting in college profiles for applications (Juniors and Seniors).
  • The KC360 School Instructor Dashboard with up to 25-30 student seats.
  • View individual student metrics and progress reports as they work through the course.
  • Access to KC360 Virtual College Fairs each semester.
  • A parent portal for parents to learn about college search and admissions too!


Let’s talk and find out if the kc360 guidance counseling package is right for you

The KC360 Guidance Counseling Package gives you everything you need for your students to build their school profile lists and create a strategy for application season, step by step. I share admission expert insights, financial aid and scholarship resources, and ready-to-go templates so you can equip your students well.

Maybe you’re wondering if it’s the right time? Let’s talk, so your questions can be answered. Book a 15-minute chat to explore how the KC360 Guidance Counseling Package is the right fit for you and your school!