Welcome to The College project (Junior) with Kristi Steele.

We’ve all heard of students identifying their major(s) and building their university list, but how do you actually get there?

You have an idea, maybe a few, but you don’t know how to get from “I think this could be an option for me” (or “I don’t know!”) to “Here’s my list!”

I’m here to give you the exact, step-by-step support you deserve to make your dream a reality.

The College Project (Junior) gives you intentional components to reflect on colleges that are the best fit for you, resulting in 3-5 universities profiles you plan to apply to senior year. An intentional strategy for Juniors to use in their college search and admission decisions, all in a self-paced course for you to manage YOUR time.

I’m here to help you make it happen!

Unlock Your Future: Tailored College List for Your Unique Journey
Imagine this:
A college list that isn’t just a random assortment of schools but a finely crafted roadmap to your dream future. This isn’t about just picking names out of a hat. This is about you – your aspirations, your goals, your unique journey.
You’re not just another student. You have distinct ambitions, passions, and a vision for your life that deserves to be honored. Let’s not leave this crucial decision to chance or some cookie-cutter approach.
Here’s the deal: We’re going to build a college list that’s as unique as you are. Together, we’ll dig deep into what makes you tick. Your academic dreams. Your career goals. The kind of environment where you’ll thrive. We’ll take all of that and more to create a list that’s a perfect reflection of your potential and your path forward.
This isn’t just a list. It’s your future, and it deserves the best. Let’s make sure every choice on that list gets you one step closer to your extraordinary success story.

Ready to unlock your future?

TRUTH TIME… Let’s bust some myths!

I should only apply to prestigious or well-known colleges

Many students believe that attending a prestigious or well-known college is essential for future success. While prestigious institutions can offer excellent opportunities, this myth overlooks several important factors:

  • Fit Over Prestige: The best college for a student is one that fits their academic, social, and personal needs. Factors like class size, campus culture, available majors, and support services can be more important than a school’s prestige, especially for TCK and International Students.
  • Success Beyond Name Recognition: Success is determined more by what students do during their college years—internships, research, networking, and extracurricular activities—than by the college’s name alone.
  • Financial Considerations: Prestigious schools often come with high tuition costs. It’s important to consider financial fit and the potential burden of student debt.

I need a long list of colleges to increase my chances of getting in

Some students think that applying to a large number of colleges will improve their chances of acceptance. However, this myth can lead to several issues:

  • Quality Over Quantity: A well-researched and thoughtful list of colleges where the student is a good fit will likely yield better results than a long, unfocused list. Quality applications tailored to each school’s specific requirements are more effective.
  • Application Fatigue: Managing too many applications can lead to burnout, rushed or lower-quality essays, and increased stress. Each application requires time and effort to complete thoroughly.
  • Application Costs: Each college application often comes with a fee, and these can add up quickly. Additionally, there are costs associated with sending standardized test scores and other documents.

Safety schools are not necessary if I have strong qualifications

Some students believe that if they have strong academic records and extracurricular achievements, they don’t need to apply to safety schools. This myth can be risky:

  • Admissions Uncertainty: College admissions can be unpredictable, and even highly qualified students may face rejection due to factors beyond their control, such as institutional priorities or yield protection.
  • Balanced List: A well-balanced college list should include reach, match, and safety schools. Safety schools ensure that students have options no matter the outcomes at more competitive institutions.
  • Unexpected Fit: Sometimes, a safety school can turn out to be an excellent fit, offering strong programs, financial aid, and a supportive community.

You’re in the right place.

I’ve got the system you need to Build a Balanced College List

  • Research Thoroughly: Investigate each school’s academic programs, campus culture, location, and support services.
  • Reflect on Personal Priorities: Consider what aspects of college life are most important, such as class size, extracurricular opportunities, finances, potential major(s) and geographic location.
  • Build Your List: Build your college list with college profiles to prepare you for college application season your Senior year, reducing stress and pressure.

If you’re ready to…

  • Identify potential majors for college.
  • Learn the exact steps to build your college list.
  • Reduce the overwhelm about considering colleges.
  • Get expert feedback along the way.
  • Finally, get started


If you’re tired of…

  • Being asked what you want to major in.
  • Wondering where you might go to college.
  • Getting frustrated that you haven’t started
  • Trying to figure it out on your own
  • Feeling like you aren’t qualified to get scholarships
  • Staying stuck because of the overwhelm


Take a peEk at what’s included!


LET’S TALK AND FIND OUT IF the college project (Junior) IS RIGHT FOR YOU

Sure, the College Project (Junior) gives you everything you need for you to identify potential majors and build university profile lists for application season, step by step. I share admission expert insights, financial aid and scholarship resources, and ready-to-go templates – but maybe you wonder if it’s the right time?

Maybe you’re wondering if it’s the right thing for you? Let’s talk, so your questions can be answered. Book a 15-minute chat to explore if the College Project (Junior) is the right fit for you at this time!


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I’m so confident that you’ll love this course, I’m making your investment risk-free. If you can demonstrate that you’ve performed the assignments and you’re still unsatisfied after 14 days, we’ll issue a 100% refund.

  • College Project Introduction
    • College Project Introduction
  • The College Project: About Me
    •  Creating Your “About Me” Section (A)
    • Creating Your “About Me” Section (B)
  • The College Project: Criteria to Consider Fit
    • Criteria to Consider What Colleges and Universities “Fit” You (A)
    • Criteria to Consider What Colleges and Universities “Fit” You (B)
    • FIT: TCK/Int’l Support and Why It Matters (Lipscomb Univ)
    • FIT: Searching for College (Lancaster Bible College)
    • Collegiate Topic: What is the Value of a Liberal Arts Institution and Degree?
  • The College Project: Academic Overview
    • Your Academic Overview
  • The College Project: Career Interest Survey
    • Career Interest Survey
  • The College Project: Character Trait Assessment
    • Character Assessment (Strengths/Weaknesses)
    • FIT: Building Soft Skills for College and Beyond
  • The College Project: Potential Majors and Potential Jobs
    • Potential Majors and Connecting to Potential Jobs/Careers
    • FIT: Career and Calling – is there a Difference? (Dr. Scott Duvall)
  • The College Project: University Profiles
    • University Profiles
    • When all your content is completed….
    • We’d love your feedback!


You can do this.

You can build your college list and reduce the stress around it now! I created The College Project to show you everything I’ve learned and give you the step-by-step instructions you need to avoid the guesswork and build a college list that reflects you.